CalChoice Partners with TerraVerde Energy on Solar and Battery Storage System Project

In partnership with TerraVerde Energy, CalChoice will soon offer its nine member community choice aggregators (CCA) a Distributed Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Program that will allow each CCA to work with customers to install solar and battery storage systems at their home or business.

“The increased market for solar and battery storage systems presents a risk and opportunity for CCAs,” said CalChoice Board Member R. Rex Parris. “TerraVerde’s Distributed PPA Program helps our members address the risks and take advantage of the opportunities to ensure the CCA and its customers both benefit from the solar and battery storage systems.”

Solar and battery storage systems are known to reduce electricity sales revenue for CCAs, but TerraVerde’s Distributed PPA Program helps CCAs mitigate revenue loss by positioning the CCAs as beneficiaries of the solar and battery storage system projects while simultaneously positioning customers to receive lower energy bills.

Under the Distributed PPA Program, CCAs will be able to offer customers energy distributed from the solar and battery storage systems at a rate that is higher than the Distributed PPA rate but lower than the customer’s standard rates. As a result, customers will receive lower energy bills and backup power benefits and CCAs will generate a new revenue stream and overcome the revenue loss challenge of solar and battery storage programs.

“As summer temperatures spike in California, electricity customers are looking for solutions to improve energy reliability, advance sustainability goals, and reduce energy bills,” said CalChoice Executive Director Jason Caudle. “Our goal for this program is to provide customers with options for setting up their solar and battery storage systems while ensuring CCAs are not negatively affected.”

For more information, please visit TerraVerde’s Distributed PPA Program page.