SCE Begins Notifying Customers of New 2022 Time-Of-Use Rates

In November 2021, Southern California Edison (SCE) began notifying customers about the utility’s upcoming transition to new time-of-use (TOU) rates in spring 2022. CalChoice reminds associate members that community choice aggregation (CCA) customers are included in the update and will begin transitioning to the new TOU rates in March 2022 and April 2022. 

SCE will be sending out direct mail notifications to customers 90 days in advance and 30 days in advance of the transition to the new rates. Customers may choose to opt-out of the new rates and remain on their current rate schedule. Due to SCE’s notifications about the new TOU rates, CalChoice associate members may see an increase in calls from customers related to TOU rates. Customers that wish to stay on their current rate plan can visit or call 1 (877) 287-2140.

Customers who choose to take no action will automatically transition to the new TOU rate plan and will be automatically enrolled in bill protection. With bill protection, if a customer pays more on the new rate plan for the first 12 months than the amount they would have paid by staying at their previous rate, SCE will provide a one-time credit on their bill for the difference after the first 12 months. Customers may switch rate plans twice in the 12-month period following the transition. 

For more information, please contact Kathy Wells at