SB 378 (Senator Weiner)

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Ratepayer Protections, Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) events, and Municipalization

This bill will put into place reasonable mechanisms to ensure that utilities are pursuing planned blackouts with adequate prudence, as well as minimize the negative consequences of blackouts on local communities.


Passed Senate Appropriations and Senate Floor, Pending action in Assembly


CalCCA is working with the author to strengthen the role of CCAs in implementing resiliency solutions for our communities. Recommended incentivizing CCAs to expeditiously develop programs that address the resiliency needs of at-risk populations through targeted investments in microgrids, solar + storage, and other distributed energy resources. CalCCA is also proposing language that allows for CCAs, in addition to businesses, individuals, and local governments, to be compensated for shut-off incurred damages, such as loss of revenue.