Rulemaking 18-07-005 Adopting Rules for Disconnections – Proposed Decision

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The Commission issued a very lengthy proposed decision (PD) on May 6, adopting rules and policy changes to reduce residential customer disconnections for the large IOUs and to improve reconnection processes for disconnected customers. The PD emphasizes that customers’ access to electric service is critical to economic and social stability and well-being.

There is an extensive list of orders and directives contained within the PD. Because all CCAs in the state of California potentially will be impacted financially by many of these orders and directives, CalCCA has coordinated with the IOUs in providing comments to the Commission.  While the CCAs support the goals set forth within the PD, many of the same concerns are addressed through the emergency protection plans issued to address the COVID-19 crisis, such as suspending disconnections, adopting new payment plans, waiving deposits and other customer-supportive measures. CalCCA’s recommendation is that the Commission press “pause,” refine the PD in critical areas and integrate lessons learned from the emergency customer protection plans, which are in effect through April 16, 2021.

Next Steps

Comments were due the week of May 26, with reply comments due June 1. CalCCA has ex parte meetings scheduled with the Commission and its staff the week of May 26. It is expected that the PD will appear on the June 11 Commission agenda for vote.