PCIA Phase 2 – Working Group 1 – Proposed Decision

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Rulemaking 17-06-026 Scoping Memo established a “working group” process to enable parties to further develop a number of proposals for future consideration by the Commission. Additionally, it identified issues to be resolved, their priority based upon previous PCIA rulemaking decisions, party comments, and pre-hearing conference discussions. Working Group (WG) 1 was assigned to develop proposals to address departing load forecasting and PCIA bill presentation on CCA customer bills.

The Proposed Decision (PD) declines to adopt a more robust load departure forecasting process and extends the current utility practice of load forecasting. The PD directed IOUs and CCAs to continue to work together on a mutually agreed process that would reduce uncertainty in load forecasting and directed the IOUs to report meet-and-confer activities and information exchange with CCAs in their respective service territories if the regulatory filing involves a departing load forecast. The IOUs had proposed to change components of the PCIA methodology (removal of line loss factor calculations). CalCCA rejected the IOUs proposed changes, and the PD denied the joint IOU proposal agreeing with CalCCA.

Finally, the PD directs the IOUs to develop a joint proposal for bill presentation of PCIA charges to include a line item in their tariffs and bill summary table on all customer bills. The IOUs are directed to file a Tier 3 Advice Letter by August 2020 with their bill presentation proposal with a plan to implement the changes by the last day of 2021.

Next Steps

Comments are due on the PD by March 16, 2020. CalCCA will file supportive comments in relation to the load forecasting directives. Additionally, CalChoice, as a member of WG 1, will engage in the various workshops regarding PCIA bill presentation matters to ensure CalChoice members’ interests are represented.