Partner Spotlight: Maher Accountancy

Since 2018, CalChoice Members have benefitted from the expert accounting service of San Rafael-based Maher Accountancy.

 “Maher Accountancy quite literally keeps the lights on for our CCAs,” said CalChoice Executive Director Jason Caudle. “As entities that operate like private enterprises but are held to the same accounting standards as government organizations, our members face unique challenges. The team at Maher draws on extensive experience working with local governments to consistently deliver high-quality accounting services.”

 The firm, which has contracted with CalChoice associate member Lancaster Choice Energy since 2015, provides hybrid accounting and data management services to CalChoice. Using software and analytical tools developed specifically for CCA accounts, Maher’s team gathers, documents and analyzes data from each associate member to produce understandable accounting records.

 Maher Accountancy brings deep experience with community choice aggregations to its work with CalChoice. The firm has seven other CCA clients across the state, including the LA-based Clean Power Authority and the Silicon Valley Clean Energy Authority. The Energy Industry practice is the firm’s fastest-growing area. 

 “It’s exciting to have a front-row seat to the CCA movement unfolding across California,” said Mike Maher, head of the Energy Industry practice. “We love working with CalChoice–it’s fascinating to learn more about the unique aspects of each member, and it’s rewarding for our team to know we’re making a difference as a partner in the sustainable energy transition.”

About Maher Accountancy:

Maher Accountancy is a full service audit, accounting, tax, and business consulting firm that provides services to businesses and local governments across the state. Led by John Maher, CPA, CGMA, the firm’s services include small business accounting, strategic business planning, tax services, audits, and financial management and reporting.

About CalChoice:

CalChoice offers support for local governments in every phase of the CCA program implementation process, providing feasibility services to determine whether a CCA program is appropriate, developing implementation plans for members to submit to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and managing the implementation process to launch the CCA program, as well as continuing to support members once their CCA program becomes operational. To learn more about partnering opportunities with CalChoice, please visit