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Want to support renewable energy while saving on your power bill? The Smart Access Program offers income-qualified customers in underserved communities a 20% discount on 100% renewable energy, and helps to ensure that customers who would not otherwise have access to solar, wind, or other renewable technologies are not left behind as California transitions to clean energy.  

Lancaster Energy will automatically enroll eligible CARE customers, prioritizing customers by highest risk of disconnection or payment default, until customer enrollment reaches capacity. With any new available capacity, customers will be enrolled on a first-come, first-served basis.

To qualify, you must be:

  1. A Lancaster Energy customer.
  2. Eligible for one of two low-income programs: California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE) and Family Electric Rate Assistance (FERA).
  3. A resident of a disadvantaged community, as defined by the California Environmental Protection Agency’s CalEnviroScreen (which experiences the highest pollution burden in Lancaster’s service area). See the map of qualifying communities on the CalEnviroScreen website.

Enrolled customers will receive a mailed notice from Lancaster Energy about their automatic enrollment in the program. Once enrolled, customers will receive 100% renewable energy service along with an additional 20% discount on their electricity bill. This credit is in addition to customers’ CARE and FERA discounts. 

Smart Access Program FAQs

Qualifying customers will receive a 20% discount on top of other electric bill discounts they may already receive, including the California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE) or Family Electric Rates Assistance (FERA) programs. The 20% Smart Access discount will be applied to the customer’s already discounted CARE or FERA rate, for a total bill discount of approximately 35% to 45%.

No. Lancaster Energy purchases clean power that Southern California Edison (SCE) delivers through its transmission network. Your monthly electric bill from Southern California Edison (SCE) includes Lancaster Energy charges for electric supply along with SCE charges for delivery of the electricity to your home. The 20% Smart Access discount will appear on the Lancaster Energy portion of your bill.

The State of California has defined what qualifies as a “Disadvantaged Community.” In the definition, the State considers areas that are most impacted by environmental, economic, and health burdens. You can learn more on the CPUC’s website:

Yes. If you are eligible for CARE or FERA, but not enrolled, you may still participate in Smart Access if you meet the other Smart Access program requirements. You will need to either enroll in CARE or FERA, or, certify that you are eligible for one of these programs. We encourage you to enroll in CARE or FERA if you are eligible, in order to benefit from the CARE/FERA discount of 18% to 30% on your monthly energy bill in addition to the 20% Smart Access discount.

To find out if you qualify and enroll in CARE or FERA, apply online: https://www.sce.come/care or contact SCE at 800-655-4555 (customer hold times vary; Lancaster Energy recommends applying online).

No. You will retain your CARE or FERA discount, and the 20% Smart Access discount will be applied to your CARE or FERA rate, for a total discount of approximately 35% [FERA] to 45% [CARE] on your monthly bill.

The Smart Access program is ongoing. Once you are enrolled in Smart Access, you will continue to receive the discount as long as you meet the qualifications (for up to 20 years). However, there is limited program capacity related to power usage. Once the Smart Access program capacity is allocated to customers on a first come, first served basis, customers will be placed on a wait list.

If you enroll in Smart Access, you will be switched from the Smart Choice rate option to the Smart Access rate. You will continue to receive 100% renewable energy, with the added benefit of the 20% discount on your monthly bill.

If you turn off service at your current address and move to a new location, you will need to recertify your eligibility for Smart Access at the new location by going to our website or by calling or emailing us. If you still meet the eligibility requirements you will keep your enrollment in the Smart Access program, as long as 1) your electricity turn-on date at the new location is within 90 days of the final billing date at your previous location, and 2) Lancaster Energy receives your application within that 90-day period.

Yes. There is no minimum length of time that a customer must participate and there is no termination fee associated with de-enrolling from the Smart Access program. If you choose to leave the Smart Access program, the change will become effective no later than two billing periods after the date Lancaster Energy receives your request to de-enroll. Customers are eligible to remain in the Smart Access program for a period of up to 20 years from the date they first begin service under the program.

Yes. Smart Access customers can concurrently participate in any Demand Response (DR) program(s) for which they are eligible. All demand response payments and credits are based on a customer’s metered usage and are not impacted by participation in the Smart Access program.

Unfortunately, Net Energy Metering (NEM) customers are not eligible for Smart Access.

Once you’ve enrolled in Smart Access, if you switch your account to another Lancaster Energy rate option you will be automatically disenrolled from Smart Access. You can re-enroll at a later date if you meet the eligibility requirements and if the program is accepting new enrollments.

Customers on the following rates are ineligible for the Smart Access program:
Net Energy Metering (NEM)
A master meter rate schedule (Schedules DM, DMS-1, DMS-2 or DMS-3)
DE (utility employee) rate schedules
Non-residential rate schedules.

Customers who, after enrollment into the Smart Access program, become ineligible for CARE or FERA will be disenrolled from Smart Access. If you become qualified for CARE/FERA again in the future, you may re-enroll in the Smart Access program if there is capacity available.

You can be placed on the waitlist. If you join the waitlist your account will be automatically enrolled in Smart Access as soon as space in the program becomes available, provided you still meet the eligibility requirements at that time.

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