Federal Update

On November 15, 2021, President Biden signed into law the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. Historic in size – the largest ever investments in broadband, rail and transit, clean energy, and water.  CalChoice staff will share with our members as more information becomes available about how to access this funding. Additionally, should you have any questions about these funding streams please reach out to us!

On March 30, 2022, the Department of Energy announced new federal building standards and began seeking comment from stakeholders on two proposed residential-focused rules over the next two months to solicit feedback from industry and energy-efficiency stakeholders.

Energy Conservation Standards for Room Air Conditioners

Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for revised energy standards for room air conditioners, which the Department of Energy (DOE) estimates will save consumers up to $275 over the life of the product if finalized.

Energy Conservation Standards for Consumer Pool Heaters

Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for energy standards for pool heaters, which DOE estimates will save electric pool heater consumers more than $1,000 over the life of the product if finalized.

These Rulemaking proceedings are the latest in an ambitious slate of regulatory actions to reduce energy, costs, and pollution from appliances, equipment, and buildings.  By the end of 2022 the DOE intends to finalize more than 100 proposed and final actions for appliance and equipment standards.  Averaged over every household in the United States, the DOE conservatively estimates that these rules could collectively result in more than $100 in annual savings for each household and at least 1.1 billion metric tons of carbon emissions avoided – the equivalent of emissions from the electricity used in every American household for nearly two years, shutting down about 10 coal fired power plants, or taking 7.9 million cars off the road over 30 years.

More information on the appliance and equipment standards program can be found here: www.energy.gov/eere/buildings/appliance-and-equipment-standards-program.