Partner Spotlight: Frontier Energy

CalChoice has benefitted from its partnership with the consulting firm Frontier Energy since 2016.

Drawing on almost 40 years of industry experience, Frontier Energy provides technical expertise focused on sustainable, efficient energy use. The firm operates out of seven offices across the United States, conducting work for clients in the public and private sectors. Frontier Energy has received national recognition for its work, including two awards from the United States Department of Energy for outstanding achievement and innovation.

A significant portion of the company’s public sector work focuses on CCAs and regional energy networks, where the company has helped local government partners secure $250 million in energy efficiency funding since 2009. Frontier Energy has helped establish the energy efficiency portfolios of several CCAs in California, bringing extensive experience with local governments and utilities to facilitate implementation. The firm supported Marin Clean Energy (MCE), California’s first CCA, by evaluating and recommending energy efficiency measures for MCE’s ten-year business plan.

“Frontier Energy empowers partners to operationalize and put into practice energy efficiency to meet state and local agency goals,” said Frontier Energy Manager Nancy Barba. “Our full offering of professional services supports our partners by delivering energy efficiency, market transformation, and transportation solutions through program development and implementation, technical consulting, and technology development.”

Frontier Energy currently works with CalChoice to develop members’ energy efficiency programs. The firm helps members implement rate-payer funded energy efficiency programs and supports the Energy Advisors program, which recommends ways for residents to increase energy efficiency.

“Frontier Energy has guided our members over many of the technical and regulatory hurdles in the CCA implementation process,” noted CalChoice Executive Director Jason Caudle. “They’ve been an invaluable partner in our mission to provide more efficient energy to our residents.”