Assembly Bill 1814 (Grayson) – Transportation Electrification: Community Choice Aggregators

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Status Update

In the 2022/2023 Governor’s Budget, the Governor proposes $2 Billion in Clean Energy funding. This proposal for $2 Billion over two years—almost all coming from the General fund—would help the State meet its long-term Greenhouse Gas (GHG) goals. Funding would go to new programs, such as equitable building decarbonization programs, long duration storage projects and green hydrogen projects. Funding from the General Fund shows a commitment to these programs.

Federal Update

Renewable energy advocates celebrate the passage of Congress’ $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Bill, which includes billions of dollars for renewable energy projects and research. Some notable funding from the Bill includes $65 billion for grid reliability and resiliency upgrades, $250 million for energy efficiency revolving loan fund and $7.5 billion for EV charging stations. For more information on how to obtain funding and what pots of money are available, the White House issued a handbook- BUILDING-A-BETTER-AMERICA_FINAL.pdf (